Heal Our Land Project – How To Pray for America

Welcome to The Heal Our Land Project. This is a non-denominational effort to unite the Body of Christ in faithful prayer for America. There is only one question that you have to answer:


If you believe He isn’t, then it is time for us to get persistent and bold in praying for the healing of our nation. We have a specific plan and we are asking you to WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW from a Godly man named Dutch Sheets. Start the video at the 31:00 mark.

GET YOUR OWN FLAG NOW at www.anappealtoheavenflag.com.

We believe that this flag is central to God’s plan to uniting the Christian Church in faithful prayer for the people and the nation of the United States. The appeal to heaven flag, displayed outside your home, inside your church, or on top of your car, can be a powerful visual reminder to pray.

You can choose to participate by either becoming a Prayer Warrior and/or a Prayer Captain in your local area.

How To Pray For America

This project is vital to the restoration of America. We are simply heeding God’s call from 2 Chronicles 7:14.¬† Here at SEADAC.org, we believe that it is time for the Christian Church to rise up and make a holy appeal to our Heavenly Father.

The “S” stands for see and shift. Do you see what is going on in our communities, in our schools, in our courtrooms, in the hearts of today’s children and families, and in our local and federal governments? It’s enough to make you get violently sick. Things have to shift now and that is what we are here to help you do.

The “E” stands for enter. We can no longer sit on the sideline and watch our nation collapse in wickedness. We have entered a critical time and season that has opened up Christians in America which Dutch Sheets explained in his video. As you may have heard, the only thing needed for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. That cannot be this generation’s legacy. It is a bit like stepping through the Stargate in the popular TV series. We must take our place of Godly authority in prayer and expect awesome things to happen when we step through.

The “A” stands for making an appeal for America. God’s great love is for each of us individually, but also for families and communities and states and nations. We will not believe that God is finished or fed-up with this nation. There is still much for the Church in America to accomplish across this earth for God’s glory.

This appeal is not just some hopeful cry for God restore this nation. This must be a bold and confident appeal that we make. fully expecting to see Him move miraculously in our hearts, our homes, our churches, our schools, and our businesses. Appeal To Heaven

The “D” stands for an effective door has opened. This “Appeal to Heaven” flag became a banner of hope and strength to the American colonists in their struggle for freedom against the British.

Now over 250 years later, God moves on the hearts of a couple of individuals and this flag is being thrust into the forefront of a new battle for the restoration of this country. This is no coincidence, but it is a mighty move of God.

The “A” stands for the Church to awaken. Here is an opportunity for long-standing¬† divisions present in the Church to be healed. It is really embarrassing how much conflict and back-biting there is amongst the different denominations.

The consequences of these years of on-going dissension has been a spirit of slumber in the Church. Paul calls for those sleeping to awaken in Ephesians 5. Those words are speaking to us now.

The “C” stands for this call to prayer to see God’s covenant with this nation restored. America has enjoyed an incredible amount of favor and prosperity over the past 100 years. Two of the drawbacks of this great prosperity has been a selfish pursuit of the “American dream” and a foolish sense of self-sufficiency apart from God.

The Body of Christ must rise up in united prayer to see these attitudes shift to a Godly prosperity looking to the building up of others and an unwavering reliance on the provision of our Heavenly Father.